I have recently began doing link work with local primary schools.

This has quickly become my favourite aspects of my career and is now a regular service that I can offer.

I can offer full day visits on Monday's, or half day sessions during the week.

Previous link work has included ''show & tell''sessions, Q&A sessions, assistance and advice, project development, and studio visits.

I charge a small fee per visit and this includes a free follow-up visit.

I have developed close working relationships with several local primary schools, and I remain in contact and help whenever my workload allows.

Also, whenever possible, I will always make myself available for school Eisteddfod's!

If you would like me to assist with judging for any category,please get in touch, I would be happy to join in !

If you would like to discuss how I could work with your school or group, please email or call up to see me.